Welcome to Fun Bounce Paradise, where Kids invite parents to party and play.


The goal of Fun Bounce Paradise is to foster the growth and development of children, by providing them with accessibility to an array of games, bounce sports, and awareness-creating activities, thereby promoting healthy mind and fun.

Fun Bounce Paradise is also designed to help children and their families get acquainted with  festive setting.

Fun Bounce Paradise is aimed at children of all origins, in every sector, every region and beyond. This event takes place in a magical place, where a festive time is in store as a variety of  game and bounce related activities are organized, ever mindful of involving the child and his or her family.

Children can have a great time jumping in the giant-sized inflatable structures, play games in our serene game room, and enjoy the day with other kids, while kids get to invite their parents out.

Come and join the fun!!!! 

Fun Bounce Paradise Overview

The philosophy that guides FUN Bounce Paradise programming has been developed through intensive physiological, psychological and sociological research, along with decades of hands-on experience of our staff.

Our carefully constructed programs are constantly analyzed and adjusted according to up-to-the-minute advances in medical and psychological research. FUN Bounce Paradise main objectives are to ensure that program ingredients are safe, age-appropriate and optimal for building self-esteem.

Our goal is to instill health and fitness as a way of life. All children, regardless of their athletic abilities, will benefit greatly from Fun Bounce Paradise Bounce, Play & Party, while they have FUN.