Safety First

We know you want to have fun! We want you to enjoy yourself.


There are some safety precautions you need to take:


. Do not bounce against the sides, near the entrance, or on the slide area.


  •  Remove your shoes before entering the unit.


  •  Remove hat, glasses, bracelets before entering the unit.


  • No sharp objects allowed in the unit.

•    No food, drinks, gum, pets, or silly strings and no hanging on the unit.

•    Exit if inflatable begins to lose air. Use exit doors and escape hatches.

•    Do not enter inflatable unless attendant is present. 

•    No more than two people at a time if the inflatable is a slide.

•    Slide in one direction only.  

. Please ensure that your kids are not flipping in the bounce, when there are 2 or more kids in the bouncy.

Safety Measures.


Years of experience in the inflatable moonbounce industry have taught us some very important lessons. Never sacrifice on quality!!! 


Safety, of course, is important to any business, this is especially true in the children's entertainment business. 

Our moonbounces all have four walls and a front door, which helps prevent children from falling out, should they fall against the front wall.


Our Moonbounces are a safe, air-cushioned, environment that  will provide hours of safe entertainment for any event.


In additon, tarps are provided with each bounce for the kids to store their shoes, hat, glasses, while in the bounces. The bounces sit on the tarps and are  secured for added stability.

. Maximum number of riders of each group that should play in the unit at one time  is 6.

. Under no circumstances is climbing on the exterior of the inflatable allowed.

. Adult supervision is required at all times while the inflatable is in use.

. You are not allowed near extension cords, blowers and straps.


Our inflatables  are securely anchored and fully inflated before any riders are allowed to jump.